Course: M-410: Facilitative Instructor

Dates: December 11-15, 2017

Location: MIFC Grand Rapids, MN

Sponsor: Great Lakes Forest Fire Compact

Course Description: This training course is designed to help students become effective facilitative instructors. The purpose of this course is to improve training quality by presenting instructional methods with an emphasis on student-oriented adult training techniques. This course is designed for students to meet NWCG instructor requirements.

Target Audience: Personnel who will be teaching NWCG courses. M-410 Facilitative Instructor or a 40 hour equivalent is required for all Lead Instructors of NWCG 200 Level courses and is required for all Lead and Unit Instructors of NWCG 300, 400 and 500 Level course

Course Prerequisites: None

Course Pre-work: Students must 1. Read the enclosed article “Writing Instructional Objectives” by Babbi Winegarden (Please note that we and NWCG use the 'Performance, condition criteria" method as oppose to A,B,C,D method) 2. Read the enclosed article The Adult Learner. 3. Read the enclosed article Principles and Conditions. 4. Complete the” What’s Your Learning Style” quiz. 5. Complete the enclosed Essay Questions and Learning Style summary and return to the course coordinator by November 24, 2014

Class Size: 20

Tuition: None

Nominations Due: 2017-10-23


Send nominations via your agency training representative to:
Todd Manley
Minnesota Interagency Fire Center
402 SE 11th
Grand Rapids MN, 55744
218.322.2683 (Office)
[email protected]