Course: S-390: Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations

Dates: February 12-16, 2018

Location: MIFC Grand Rapids MN

Sponsor: Minnesota Incident Command System

Course Description: This course is designed to introduce fire behavior calculations by manual methods, using nomograms and the Fire Behavior Handbook Appendix B. The student gains an understanding of the determinants of fire behavior though studying inputs (weather, slope, fuels, and fuel moisture). The student also learns how to interpret fire behavior outputs, documentation processes, and fire behavior briefing components.


  • List the assumptions, limitations, and appropriate uses of fire behavior prediction models.
  • Describe how environmental factors and processes affect fire behavior predictions and safety.
  • Define and interpret fire behavior prediction model inputs.
  • Calculate fire behavior outputs using available fire behavior processors.
  • Interpret, communicate, apply, and document wildland fire behavior and weather information.

Target Audience: Personnel desiring to become qualified as division group supervisor (DIVS), prescribed fire burn boss type 2 (RXB2), incident commander type 3 (ICT3), or in a position requiring this knowledge.

Course Prerequisites: Candidates must have completed Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior, S-290 and should be qualified to the single resource boss level.

Course Pre-work: A student CD and prequalifying test will be sent to each student. The CD includes instructions, reference materials, pre-course study materials and pre-course practice test questions and solutions. The pre-course study material will allow nominees to review fire behavior and fire weather information. A pre-course test will be sent and needs to be returned to Lead instructor. A passing score of 70% is needed for placement in the class.

Class Size: 24

Tuition: None

Nominations Due: 2018-01-03


Send nominations via your agency training representative to:
Todd Manley
Minnesota Interagency Fire Center
402 SE 11th
Grand Rapids MN, 55744
218.322.2683 (Office)
[email protected]