Course: RT-130 Instruct: Annual Fire Safety Refresher Instructor Handoff

Dates: January 30, 2018

Location: MIFC Grand Rapids MN

Sponsor: Minnesota Incident Command System

Course Description: Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training is designed to provide up to date fireline safety information to employees holding Incident Command System qualifications requiring this training.

Target Audience: Annual Fire Safety Refresher Instructors.

Course Prerequisites: Instructors should be single resource boss qualified.

Course Pre-work: None

Class Size: 40

Tuition: NONE

Nominations Due: 2018-01-22


Send nominations via your agency training representative to:
Todd Manley
Minnesota Interagency Fire Center
402 SE 11th
Grand Rapids MN, 55744
218.322.2683 (Office)
[email protected]