Course: RT-130: Annual Wildland Safety Refresher

Dates: April 26, 2018

Location: Lacroix Ranger District, 320 N Hwy 53, Cook MN

Sponsor: US Forest Service

Course Description: Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training is designed to provide up to date fireline safety information to employees holding Incident Command System qualifications requiring this training per the 2008, PMS 310-1, Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide.

Target Audience: This is an annually required course for all fire line personnel involved in suppression and prescribed burning.

Course Prerequisites: None

Course Pre-work: None

Class Size:


Nominations Due:

Remarks: Start time is 1100. Contact Jamie Chopp well in advance of the RT-130 date.

Send nominations via your agency training representative to:
Jamie Chopp

218-666-0048 (Office)
[email protected]