Course: FAL2: Faller 2 Certification

Dates: April 05, 2018

Location: St Croix State Park, Hinckley MN 55037

Sponsor: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Course Description: Faller Class 2 (FAL2) Intermediate Sawyer is a person qualified to conduct general cutting and a limited range of saw work that includes bucking, limbing and falling of trees up to 24 inches diameter breast height including assessing elevated risk trees if to determine if they fall within capability level. Once certified, FAL2 are qualified to serve as an evaluator for task books for trainee FAL2.

Target Audience: Current FAL2 recertifying in the position and FAL3 wishing to certify for the first time.

FAL2 are required to complete the field recerfication every 3 years.

Course Prerequisites: FAL2 are required to complete the following training:

  • S-130 Basic Firefighter,
  • S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior and
  • S-212 Wildfire Power Saws,
  • current first aid and CPR training (must be current).

    Faller 3s must complete a FAL2 task book prior to attending a FAL2 certification session.

    Students should bring PPE (including cut resistant boots), saw, wedges, lunch and water.

    Course Pre-work:

    Class Size:


    Nominations Due: 2018-03-02

    Remarks: This offering is basically for DNR Parks and Trails folks, but there may be slots available for others. Time is 0900 - 1530. Interested Parks and Trails people should contact Chris Weir-Koetter by March 2nd to sign up. Interested folks outside of Parks and Trails should send your completed nomination to Brian Pisarek at [email protected]

    Send nominations via your agency training representative to:
    Chris Weir-Koetter
    2115 Birchmont Beach Rd NE

    Bemidji MN, 56601
    218-308-2679 (Office)
    [email protected]