Mille Lacs Uplands SFRMP

image: Minnesota Map showing Mille Lacs Upland Subsection Forest Resources management area3-Year extension to the 7-year plan is available.


The DNR has adopted a three-year extension to the Subsection Forest Resources Management Plan (SFRMP) for the Mille Lacs Uplands and Glacial Lake Superior Plain ecological subsections in central Minnesota. For planning purposes, these two subsections collectively are called Mille Lacs Uplands, or MLU. Approximately 232,000 acres of land administered by the DNR divisions of Forestry and Wildlife are included in this SFRMP.


Windstorms damage within MLU area

Windstorms swept across Pine County in July 2011, damaging forests within a 95,000-acre area in St. Croix State Park and Chengwatana, Nemadji, and St. Croix state forests.

Much of the damage occurred in the MLU plan area, the Sandstone Forestry Area in particular. Approximately 17,000 acres of productive timberlands covered by the MLU SFRMP were damaged with more than 25 percent of the trees blown down. An additional 12,000 acres of timberlands were damaged in St. Croix State Park. As a result, Sandstone is not likely to be able to examine or offer any stands from the three-year MLU extension over the next two to three years. Not much is known at this point about how much of the storm-damaged area will be harvested or treated. By the time the extent of treatments to storm damaged acres is better known, the MLU is scheduled to begin a full plan revision. The adjustments from the storm damage and implications of annual stand examinations that aren't accomplished will best be made in that full plan revision.

The original MLU SFRMP established long-term forest management goals, objectives, and strategies; seven-year targets; a proposed seven-year stand examination list; and an estimate of new access needs. This three-year extension proposes to field-examine approximately 23,382 additional acres of DNR forest lands for potential treatment over fiscal years 2012–2014. The MLU SFRMP was among the first of the subsection plans to be undertaken by the DNR. At that time the standard was to prepare a seven-year stand examination list (in contrast to the current 10-year list). A three-year extension to the seven-year list was needed to bring the MLU plan into line with the current 10-year planning time frame for SFRMPs and make the MLU plan consistent with others. Bringing the MLU plan into a 10-year cycle (fiscal years 2005–2014) will allow for a smooth transition to completing the second generation of SFRMPs across the state. This three-year extension is viewed as continuing the overall policies, goals, DFFCs, and directions of the original seven-year MLU SFRMP.


Download the three-year extension to the Mille Lacs Uplands SFRMP, including the three-year stand selection results and new access needs:

Plan documents are available in alternative formats by request. A printed version (100 pages, excluding the stand exam list), or a CD of the complete MLU Three-Year Extension, including the proposed three-year Stand Examination List, is available by mail.

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