Draft Plan

Posted: January 5, 2005

Public Review of the Strategic Direction Step

The DNR North Shore Subsection Forest Resource Management Plan (SFRMP) Team has completed a draft Strategic Direction Document for the North Shore Highlands, Toimi Uplands, and Laurentian Uplands subsections.

The SFRMP is a 10-year management plan for state-administered forestlands in these subsections. This step in the planning process includes: final issues; general directions and associated strategies; cover type management recommendations, stand selection criteria, and treatment levels; monitoring plan; and responses to public comments from the preliminary issues and assessment step.

The draft Strategic Direction Document has gone through department review and has been approved for release to the public for review and comment.

Download the Strategic Direction Document files

(All documents are in PDF format)

The Strategic Direction Document is also available in alternative formats:

  • Paper copy (350 pages)
  • CD copy