Timber Sales Calendar

Notice: The Sandstone Area Regular and Intermediate Auctions dates have been changed, and are now scheduled for Monday, January 15, 2018. See below link for Notice of Sale.

Notice of Unsold Timber Sales: On the next regular business day after a timber auction sale, unsold tracts may be available for over-the-counter purchase at the appraised price for a period up to one year. The unsold tracts listed in this notice are currently available for purchase. After 30 days from the auction date, an unsold intermediate auction tract may be purchased over the counter by any qualified purchaser, i.e., purchase is not limited to qualified purchasers with 30 or less employees. This notice is updated nightly, Monday–Friday.

Notices of sale become available approximately 30 days before the date of each sale. These notices are listed below with a notice of sale status of "Final." Clicking on the link for the sale in the "Sale Name" column will bring you to a page containing links to the notice of sale document as well as associated timber appraisal and cutting block reports (as applicable) for all tracts on the auction sale.

Results of timber auction sales showing which tracts were sold, their bid (selling) price, and who purchased them are usually posted 1–2 days after the auction, except for sealed bid auctions. Sealed bid auction results cannot be posted until all advance payments are received for the sold tracts. Auction results will remain available for viewing for 90 days following the sale. These notices are listed with a notice of sale status of "Completed." Click on an active link in the "Sale Name" column to display the detailed results for completed sales.

If the DNR needs to cancel a scheduled sale, the calendar entry will show the notice of sale status as "Canceled," and clicking on the active link will display the canceled tracts, if any were advertised before the sale was canceled.

There are two auction types:

  • Regular auctions vary in the number of cords offered, have a typical permit duration of three years, and are open to all qualified purchasers.
  • Intermediate auctions can offer up to 3,000 cords per tract, have a typical permit duration of three years, and are open only to qualified individuals and to qualified businesses with 30 or fewer employees. These are small business set-aside sales.

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