The Marketplace Spring 2017

softwood timber pile

Spring 2017

house showing LP sliding

Louisiana-Pacific Announces Location of New Siding Operations

Cook MN site remains an option for future siding expansion.
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Arbor Month

May is Arbor Month so Get Your Daily Dose Of Trees and Win a Prize

Participate in the #31DaysOfTrees challenge post a photo or video for a chance to win a freestate park permit and have 10 trees planted in your honor in a Minnesota State Forest.
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Balsam Fire being heat treated

Minnesota's Balsam Fir Opportunity: Creating chemical-free wood products and jobs while improving forest health

A new temperature treatment applied to balsam fir could lead to new green products like outdoor furniture and high-performance fiberboard.
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basketball on maple wood court

Maples and March Madness

The Men's National Collegiate Athletic Associations (NCAA) Final four basketball court would be a good opportunity to showcase Minnesota Sugar Maple in Minneapolis in 2019.
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Wisconsin dnr logo

Noteworthy Newsflashes

Local, state and national news stories that provide information and report change that could affect Minnesota's forest resources or industries.
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