The Marketplace Summer 2017

softwood timber pile

Summer 2017

house showing LP sliding

Silvopasture as an approach to enhance the economic and environmental benefits of woodland grazing

Uncommon yet in the Midwest silvopasture can benefit timber, forage, livestock and ecosystem functions.
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Arbor Month

Funds Available for Improving Your Woods

DNR cost-share funds and project assistance can help you practice good forest stewardship on your land.
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Balsam Fire being heat treated

A Comparison of Wisconsin and Minnesota Paper Products and Highlights from Wisconsin Paper, Containerboard, and Lumber Producer Tours

Where Wisconsin and Minnesota paper markets differ plus tour highlights from three Wisconsin mills.
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basketball on maple wood court

Add Your Voice to Forest Policy: Lake States Healthy Forests Healthy Communities (HFHC) Grows in the Lake States

A coalition to engage groups and individuals in supporting active, sustainable forest management through policy.
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Noteworthly Newsflashes

Local, state and national news stories that provide information and report change that could affect Minnesota's forest resources or industries.
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