The Marketplace Winter 2017

softwood timber pile

Winter 2017

house showing LP sliding

New Siding Facility in Minnesota by 2020? Louisiana-Pacific's Update Expected in May

Louisiana-Pacific Corporation delays any announcement in regards to locating new siding capacity at the Cook Minnesota mill site.
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brown fir longhorned beetle larve in furniture post

Insect-infested Furniture Discovered in Minnesota Imports

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) uncovered two separate instances where large amounts of insect-infested log furniture were imported into the state from Asia and sold to customers in Minnesota.
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timber being loaded on truck

The Softwood Lumber Debate: How it May Affect the U.S. Marketplace

The Softwood Lumber Debate; what is the softwood lumber agreement and how might it affect U.S. softwood lumber markets.
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researchers spraying water on trees

Research on Ice Storms and the Effects on Northern Forest Ecosystems

Research on Ice Storms and the Effects on Northern Forest Ecosystems.
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Wisconsin DNR News Summaries

WI DNR: Wisconsin proposes increased timber harvest on state forest lands and some Wisconsin loggers holding off harvesting timber
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