The Marketplace Winter 2018

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Winter 2018

balsam fir puplwood pile

Minnesota's Logging Businesses: A 2016 Update

Highlights from the results of the 2016 Minnesota Logging Businesses Survey including characteristics of respondents, their perspectives on production and profitability in 2016, and thoughts about the future.
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woodland owners in field

Making Impacts that Matter: The Master Woodland Owner Program

Sustainable management is vital to the health of Minnesota's forests. Launched in early 2016, this new landowner education program helps family woodland owners become better stewards of their woods. Registration opens in March for a new class centered in the Brainerd area.
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two people skating in forest

Forest Skating a New Popular Sport

By skating on trails in the woods, forest skating combines therapeutic benefits of nature with a fun traditional winter activity creating a unique experience.
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map of MN showing north central counties

North Central Minnesota's Forest Economy Economic Impact Analysis 10-Year Projections

Findings of a study of four economic impact scenarios for the timber industry in Minnesota's North Central region.
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Noteworthy Newsflashes

Local, state and national news stories that provide information and report change that could affect Minnesota's forest resources or industries.
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