Healthy Rivers: A Water Course

Cover of Healthy Rivers interactive CD ROM.

Healthy Rivers: A Water Course is a captivating program that explains the ecology, management, and stewardship of river and stream ecosystems.

This user-friendly multimedia program is available online (link below) or on CD-ROM. The Healthy Rivers program features:

  • 220+ screens of information exploring the complexity and diversity of river systems.
  • 540+ color photos and 70+ maps, illustrations, and graphic animations.
  • Over 100 audio interviews, video clips, and music segments.
  • More than 100 links within the program, 100+ links to external web sites, and a complete bibliography of over 100 references.

Healthy Rivers Online Program


Healthy river systems provide invaluable services and benefits that sustain life and fuel human economies. Our alterations to most of the world's river systems have diminished their ability to perform these services, and the consequences go largely unrecognized or are poorly understood. However, we can change this pattern and restore these systems. How?

The Healthy Rivers program explains natural structure and function of river systems using a five-component framework of flow, shape, connections, quality, and life. Six case studies examine the history of river use and provide a basis for a future vision of water resource management. A section explores the true value of river system goods and services, which leads to inspiring examples of local leaders and practical, action-oriented ideas for next steps that each of us can take toward healthier water resources.

Produced by the River Ecology Unit, and the Ecosystem Education Program, creators of the CD-ROM Restore your Shore: A guide to protecting and restoring the natural beauty of your shoreland, the Healthy Rivers program offers an engaging way to understand the ecology, management, and stewardship of river and stream systems. It is ideal for citizens interested in river conservation, land use planners and policy makers, local governments, conservation and watershed organizations, environmental consultants, scientists and educators, and natural resource managers. Appropriate for ages 13+.

To request a free Healthy Rivers CD-ROM , contact Amy Childers, MnDNR Division of Ecological Resources at 218.739.7576 x 233 or [email protected]. The original CD-ROM product was released in 2004 and now has outdated links and references, but the online content has been corrected and is current.

A resource for further investigation of watershed health is the DNR Watershed Health Assessment Framework.

For more information, contact: Minnesota DNR Information Center
Phone: (651) 296-6157 Twin Cities metro or nationwide toll free (888) 646-6367, e-mail: [email protected]