Youth deer hunts

A list of hunts is below. Registration for these hunts closes on Friday, Aug. 20.

View complete information about hunt participation or download the youth hunt information sheet for offline reference.


Archery hunts

Area nameHuntPermitsDatesBag limitHunt typeCWD testOrientation
Camp Ripley950175Oct. 9-102Either-SexNot applicableOct. 8
Lake Alexander Woods95520Oct. 9-102Either-SexNot applicableOct. 8
Lake Alexander hunt is on The Nature Conservancy property. Lake Alexander Woods SNA is open to hunting but is not part of this hunt.

Firearm hunts

Area nameHuntPermitsDatesBag limitHunt typeCWD testOrientation
Afton State Park95130Nov. 6-72Either-SexMandatoryOct. 23
Banning State Park9656Oct. 30-312Either-SexVoluntaryOct. 30
Blue Mounds State Park96610Nov. 20-212Earn-a-buckNot applicableNov. 19
Buffalo River State Park95912Oct. 30-312Earn-a-buckNot applicableNo in-person orientation
Buffalo River hunt does not inlcude Bluestem Prairie SNA.
Camden State Park96712Oct. 30-312Earn-a-buckNot applicableOct. 29
Itasca State Park96175Oct. 9-102Either-SexNot applicableOct 8; in-person optional
Itasca Wilderness SNA is included in all Itasca State Park hunts.
Kilen Woods State Park9636Oct. 30-311Either-SexNot applicableOct. 29
Kilen Woods does not include Prairie Bush Clover SNA.
Lake Bemidji State Park95420Oct. 15-172Either-SexMandatoryOct. 14
Lake Bronson State Park96910Oct. 23-241Either-SexNot applicableOct. 22
Lake Shetek State Park96812Nov. 20-212Antlerless onlyNot applicableNov. 19
Minneopa State Park89912Nov. 20-212Either-SexNot applicableNov. 19
Rydell National Wildlife Refuge95715Oct. 23-243Either-SexNot applicableOct. 17
Savanna Portage State Park95825Oct. 23-242Either-SexNot applicableOct. 22
Sibley State Park95210Oct. 30-311Either-SexNot applicableOct. 29
St. Croix State Park95690Oct. 30-312Either-SexMandatoryOct. 23 or 29; optional if you attended a past orientation.
Zippel Bay State Park95320Oct. 16-172Either-SexNot applicableOct. 6; No in-person orientation
Bag limits & tags
Bag limits may be added to the limit in the surrounding deer permit area. Bonus tags can be purchased for harvest of antlerless deer; however, antlered bucks must be tagged and registered under your youth firearms license.
Lottery process
The license agent will ask for the following information when applying:
  • A state driver’s license, state identification, firearms safety certificate number or Minnesota DNR number.
  • Your social security number if you are applying for the lottery or purchasing a license for the first time.
  • Cost is $1. Keep your receipt as proof of application and check to ensure information was entered correctly.
  • Corrections can only be made at the time of application.
  • Applications will be accepted beginning July 26, 2021.
  • Each person must apply at a license agent, online or the DNR License Center in St. Paul.
  • Applicants for youth firearms special hunts (license type 631) must be at least 12 years old and under age 16 by the beginning hunt date.
  • Applicants for youth archery special hunts (license type 630) must be at least 12 years old and under age 18 by the beginning hunt date.
  • Group applications and party hunting are not allowed; participants must shoot their own deer.
  • A lottery will be held if applications exceed the number of permits.
  • Applicant may only apply for one youth firearms hunt. Cost is $1.
  • Participating in a special youth hunt does not preclude one from hunting the regular season.
  • Unsuccessful applicants receive preference for future youth hunt drawings of the same type.
  • An adult parent/guardian mentor, who may not hunt, must accompany youth participants while hunting at all times and will abide by all hunting rules.
  • All youth participants and an adult parent/guardian mentor must attend pre-hunt orientation session as indicated. Participants who can’t attend a required orientation should not apply.
  • Blaze orange or pink is required during youth firearms hunts.
  • Tree stands and pop-up blinds are permitted in state parks hunts up to seven days prior to the hunt, placed during normal park hours and must have owner/hunter clearly identified on them with their MN DNR license number. (This is to facilitate hunt preparation by youth who are normally in school Monday through Friday and to capitalize on some of the youth hunt clinics conducted one week prior to the hunt.)
  • Only clamp-on or strap-on portable stands that do not damage trees or other vegetation may be used – no nails, screw in steps or other devices that damage the bark of trees.
  • Hunters may not place multiple stands.
  • Other hunters or the general public may not occupy stands legally placed by a hunter.
  • Stands must be removed no more than one day after the hunt.
  • All other state park rules apply.
  • Youth archery deer hunts: License Type 630; ages 12-18 by the beginning hunt date.
  • Youth firearms deer hunts: License Type 631; ages 12-16 by the beginning hunt date.
  • Application deadline is Friday, August 20, 2021.
  • Cost to apply is $1.
  • Applicants must be at least age 12 and under age 16 at the time of the hunt.
  • Participants must obtain a valid license for taking deer by firearms prior to the start of the hunt. The license may be for any zone or season option.
  • The rifle-shotgun boundary is in effect. See the 2021 Deer Seasons Map.