Twin Metals Minnesota Project– Proposer Documents


The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is charged with preparing an EIS for the proposed Twin Metals Minnesota project (TMM project). This role is known as being the responsible governmental unit (RGU). The project proposer, TMM, is responsible for providing certain data and documents for the RGU’s use. Those proposer-provided documents are available on this page.

Proposer documents

Below are documents prepared by TMM to provide supporting data and analysis for the EIS. New documents will be posted on a routine basis.

IMPORTANT: These documents were not produced by the DNR or any other state agency. They are provided to inform interested parties of the data and analysis being provided by TMM for the EIS. These documents are posted as provided by TMM, and the DNR makes no claim on the accuracy of the content provided below. However, as RGU, the DNR will assess the accuracy and completeness of all information used in the EIS, including proposer-provided information. This is an ongoing activity.

TMM data

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