James L. Oberstar State Trail

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Division of Parks and Trails is creating a master plan for the James L. Oberstar State Trail. The trail is authorized to extend between Chisago County and Hinckley, in Pine County.

Master plans provide long-term guidance for development, management and maintenance of state trails. The plan will identify important trail connections, as well as points of natural, cultural or scenic interest. Master plans do not include project specific details and are not project proposals. For instance, the plan will not define a specific trail alignment, but may discuss several preferred paths within a trail search corridor. An approved master plan is required for DNR to construct or develop a state trail.

Draft Master Plan

The DNR developed a draft master plan for the Oberstar State Trail. The public comment period has closed and the DNR is not accepting more comments on the draft master plan. The DNR is considering comments that people submitted during the public review period and may revise the draft master plan before it is finalized.

Master Planning Process

The DNR developed the draft master plan through a collaborative process involving local communities, user groups, other government agencies and the public.

An online survey was available for citizens and stakeholders to provide input at early planning stages. The survey period has closed, but you can view the responses here   (624 KB). The DNR considered this information when developing the draft master plan.

The DNR has also held meetings with stakeholders throughout the planning process, including meetings in Hinckley, North Branch, Pine City, White Bear Lake and Wild River State Park.

For more information, questions or comments, contact:

Darin Newman, principal planner (St. Paul)
[email protected]

Marty Torgerson, area supervisor (Moose Lake)
[email protected]