Invasive Species Exempt Rulemaking

This rule was published and effective December 10, 2018. The rulemaking is finished.

What is this rule about?

This rule will make changes to invasive species rules that will update the rule to match current statute and other technical changes. If you are not interested in invasive species rules in Minnesota, you may disregard this rulemaking notice.

Where do I send my comments?

The public comment period closed after October 8, 2018. The final decision will be posted when available.

What will this rulemaking do?

  • We are making the following changes to update rule so that it is consistent with statute:
    • Replace the requirement to publish the infested waters list in the State Register with a requirement for the commissioner to provide access to a copy of the listed infested waters.
    • Remove requirements to drain watercraft when leaving only certain infested waters, because current statute requires that people remove drain plugs from equipment when leaving all water bodies, not only infested waters.
    • Make the definition of Eurasian watermilfoil consistent with the definition in statute.
    • Allow for issuing prohibited invasive species permits for the purpose of decontamination.
  • We are making the following technical corrections:
    • Update sources of nomenclature for scientific and common names of several invasive species.
    • Correct or updates scientific names for several invasive species.
  • We are changing the word "list" to "designate" so that "designate" refers to the process of classifying species as invasive and "list" refers to the process of listing water bodies as infested. This would return parts of rule to the terms used before a 2014 change.

Who might be affected by this rulemaking?

The DNR is already complying with the statutes and we do not expect the technical corrections will affect anyone.

Where can I get more information?

The following documents are available to view and print:

If you want a free copy of the proposed rules, call or email the DNR contact person listed below.

DNR Contact

Kelly Pennington
Division of Ecological and Water Resources
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
500 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155
[email protected]