Meadow Knapweed (Centaurea x moncktonii) - Early Detection Species

Meadow Knapweed is an early detection species not present or with a limited distribution in Minnesota.

photo: Asian long-horned beetle


Ecological Threat:

  • Grows aggressively and forms dense patches in pastures, grasslands, and forest edges which can reduce forage, native species diversity, and wildlife habitat. 
  • Can hybridize with spotted knapweed and other knapweed species.  Controlling meadow knapweed before vigorous hybrids develop may prevent future impacts to Minnesota.
  • Meadow knapweed and a related species called brown knapweed are on the MDA Prohibited Noxious Weed (Eradicate List) in Minnesota meaning that above and below ground parts of the plant must be destroyed.  Additionally no transportation, propagation, or sale of meadow or brown knapweed is allowed.

Report meadow knapweed by emailing "Arrest the Pest" [email protected] or calling 651-201-6684 (metro) or 1-888-545-6684 (toll-free)


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