Watercraft Inspection Training

The DNR training does not provide instructions on how to protect your watercraft inspectors from COVID-19, and we make no representations that watercraft inspections are compatible with social distancing and other public health guidelines. You are responsible for complying with all applicable executive orders and safety protocols from the Minnesota Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control.

Welcome to the level 1 watercraft inspection training for the 2021-watercraft inspection season. Please note that this training format is subject to change as Minnesota Department of Health guidelines change. Below is a set of lessons with videos you need to watch in order to complete this training. After completing the training, you will need to take the level 1 exam, which will be corrected by an AIS trainer once you are done. There are additional resources that are recommended for this training. Please take your time and read carefully the steps below to complete the training.


Completion of each item below is required to become authorized as a Level 1 Watercraft Inspector for the 2021 watercraft inspection season. If you have questions relating to the content in the videos, please contact DNR Watercraft Inspection Training staff (contact list below). If you have technical difficulties, please contact your supervisor.

  1. Watch all lessons, including all demonstration videos
  2. Read the Watercraft Inspection Handbook
  3. Complete the watercraft inspection test
  4. Contact your supervisor and notify them that you have finished


Level 1 Exam

Additional Resources

Optional Reference Videos

Reference Documents


Felix Amenumey – Watercraft Inspection Trainer – [email protected]

Carrie Maurer-Ackerman – Watercraft Inspection Trainer – [email protected]

Adam Doll – Watercraft Inspection Coordinator – [email protected]