Drown your campfires

Everyone knows that careless campers cause fires. Below are things you can do to enjoy campfires without being careless.

Step 1: Grown-ups build campfires away from branches, dry grass and leaves.You can help them clear a 10 foot circle around the campfire site.

Step 2: Grown-ups keep a bucket of water and shovel handy in case the wind picks up. You can help watch for wind.

Step 3: All campfires need a grown-up. Grown-ups build and watch them. You can help pick a safe spot.

Step 1 image showing grown ups clearing debris awayStep 2 image showing bucket of water and shovel Step 3 image showing grown ups building fire

Step 4: You can enjoy roasting marshmallows and telling stories around the campfire before going to bed.

Step 5: Smart kids remember that running, playing and jumping are activities that belong outside the 10 foot circle around a campfire.

Step 6: Grown-ups never go to sleep until their campfire is completely out and cold.

Step 4 sitting around camper fireStep 5 grown up pulling out firestep 6 sowing camp fire completely out.

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