Forest crossword

Use the clues to fill in the blanks of the crossword puzzle!

crossword puuzzle


2. Stone flame encircle
4. One color of fire
7. Weed & leaf remover to be used around your house
11. Shade-giver vulnerable to fire
12. Better than a "bucket brigade"
13. Often coiled in rest; should stretch to parts of your home
16. Famous fire prevention symbol
19. "Arrester" which prevents fires, not crimes
21. "Hood" one who can live in but not wear; can be made fire safe
25. Firefighter's tool whose name describes what it does
27. Campers must not allow theirs to go out on its own
28. Firefighter's forest "clean-up"
29. Dangerous objects; to be handled ONLY by adults
30. Falling leaf season
32. Fireplace fuel; store it away from your house
33. Where dead branches shouldn't be; in relation to your roof
36. Dangerous as matches, with an explosive personality
37. "Only ___ can prevent forest fires!"
38. Troughs to collect water, not leaves
39. "Before" (+ st= answer to no. 36 down)
40. Opposite of "cause"
42. Fire radiates this
43. Surroundings, crime, atmosphere, etc. (ecosystem, earth)


1. An alarm to protect you from fire
2. Firefighter and engine abode
3. Smokey co-worker in forest protection
5. Once lost by a tree, shouldn't be left laying around
6. Describes both forest animals and the fire they flee from
8. Like us, fire needs this to survive
9. Kind of numbers that should be kept near a telephone
10. Number of exits every home needs, in case of a fire
14. Flammable house frame material
15. Fire's favorite season
17. baby Smokey
18. Without concern (Describes many fire starters)
19. Smokey carries one
20. Synonym of "creature" (can't start fires, but can be a victim of them)
22. Wildfires can strike here
23. Proper kind of container for the barbeque coals
24. Conflagration combatant
26. Thirst and fire quencher
27. "Arms" of a fire
31. Should be firesafe before used
34. It burns everyone
35. Kind of person to tell in you find an out-of-control fire
36. Flammable tree gathering
41. Time you can begin helping Smokey

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