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The DNR has developed the School Trust Aggregate Finder web map to help local government and private entities locate sand and gravel resources on School Trust Lands. As of October 2017, nearly 70 percent of the total School Trust parcels in Minnesota (64,453) have been evaluated for their sand and gravel resource potential. This evaluation project is ongoing.


Web map classifications by lease activity or sand and gravel resource potential

Each parcel symbol shown on the map is given a classification related to construction aggregate lease activity or sand and gravel resource potential. The five classifications and general descriptions are:

Map map marker symbol for active lease Active Lease - Parcel is currently leased.
Map map marker symbol for pre-approved for lease Pre-Approved for Lease - DNR has identified aggregate resources in the parcel and developed a management plan. Lease offering may be available.
Map map marker symbol for historic lease Historic Lease - The parcel has been leased previously and may be available for a new lease.   
Map map marker symbol for candidate site Candidate - Aggregate resources are inferred based on digital data and DNR field observations. Additional field investigation is needed.
Map map marker symbol for prospective site Prospective - Aggregate resources are inferred based on digital data only. Additional field investigation is needed.

For on-site field exploration a DNR temporary use permit is required. No parcel is guaranteed for lease and access conditions will vary. The DNR has a separate aggregate mapping program, where county-wide aggregate resource maps are produced to assist with land-use zoning planning. While observations from this program supplement the information provided in the Aggregate Finder Web Map, certain methodologies or conclusions may vary. For more information on the aggregate resource mapping program visit:
Aggregate Resource Mapping Program »


Web Map Tools

Search bar icon for web mapSearch - Use this tool to search for any Minnesota county, city, or municipal township. As an example type in 'Hermantown'. Search tool will return no results if you add in 'Minnesota' or 'MN' to the search. 

Icon to select parcels by drawing a rectangleSelect by Rectangle - Use this tool to select multiple sites by drawing a rectangle. A table showing the parcel information is returned in a separate window.

Icon to measure in milesMeasure - Use this tool to measure distance of a line in miles. This tool works in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but not in Internet Explorer.

Extract of web map showing clustering of sitesClustered Markers - Closely spaced parcels are clustered at larger map scales into a single marker. This marker is labeled on the map by the number of clustered parcels inside it. Zoom or click a clustered marker to view individual parcels.

Air photo iconBasemap - Change the greyscale basemap to an air photo by clicking the air photo icon. Click the icon again to turn back on the greyscale basemap.

Clicking on the map returns attributesParcel Information - Click or tap a parcel icon for more information such as parcel acres, legal description, county, political township/city, and classification status. Parcel icons represent the center of a parcel not the actual location of a deposit. Parcel classifications are not a direct measure of the type, quantity, or quality of aggregate resources. Parcel size and actual property boundary may vary. Parcel boundaries do not represent the outline of a deposit.


Image of different aggregate sizes

School Trust Aggregate Finder Map

Launch the web map to view high aggregate resource potential on School Trust Lands
Aggregate Finder Web Map »


Use Disclaimer

Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the factual data on which this map interpretation is based. However, the Department of Natural Resources does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or any implied uses of these data. Users may wish to verify critical information; sources include both the references here and information on file in the offices of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Every effort has been made to ensure the interpretation shown conforms to sound geologic and cartographic principles. No claim is made that the interpretation shown is rigorously correct, however, and it should not be used to guide engineering-scale decisions without site-specific verification. This information should not be used to establish legal title, boundaries, or locations of improvements.

Data Disclaimer

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources makes no representation or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the reuse of data provided herewith, regardless of its format or the means of its transmission. There is no guarantee or representation to the user as to the accuracy, currency, suitability, or reliability of this data for any purpose. The user accepts the data 'as is', and assumes all risks associated with its use. By accepting this data, the user agrees not to transmit this data or provide access to it or any part of it to another party unless the user shall include with the data a copy of this disclaimer. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources assumes no responsibility for actual or consequential damage incurred as a result of any user's reliance on this data.

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If you would like to learn more about construction aggregate leasing opportunities, please contact:
Corrie Floyd, Industrial Minerals Specialist
[email protected]

Division of Lands and Minerals
500 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155-4045
Tel: 651.259.5958

Disclaimer: The DNR does not operate a retail business to sell stone products or construction aggregates. However, if you have a question regarding a request to purchase commercial quantities of materials from our lessees, we will provide contact information to you for our lessees. Please send an email inquiry to Corrie Floyd.