Public Engagement at
Land Exchange Board Meetings

10 ways to make it easier to get involved

1. If you want to speak at a Land Exchange Board Meeting, please make a request at least 5 business days prior to the meeting by emailing: [email protected]
If you are unable to contact the DNR through email, please call: (651) 259-5377
The Board may allow you to speak if time permits.

2. Arrive early. Getting to the meeting early will give you a chance to survey the meeting space, and make last-minute changes to your presentation. The meeting location is posted on the Land Exchange Board webpage:
Land Exchange Board Meeting Information »

3. Introduce yourself. When speaking to the Land Exchange Board clearly identify yourself and the organization you represent, if any. Then clearly state your position on the topic before the Board.

4. Speak to the Board Chair. All questions and answers during a Board meeting are routed through the Board Chair. Address the chair as “Madame Chair” or “Mr. Chair.”

5. Do not be intimidated. Board members want to hear what you have to say. State your case clearly and in simple terms, just as you would to anyone else.

6. Be brief. Make your points as concisely as possible. Provide specific information about your position.

7. Be prepared to answer questions. The best way to make your case is to provide straightforward answers to Board members’ questions. If you do not know the answer, say so. If possible, find the answer and pass it on to Land Exchange Board members at a later time.

8. Bring written summaries. You may want to have copies of a concise summary of your key points to hand out to Land Exchange Board members. If you need to provide handouts, please do so before the meeting, so that they can be handed out in a way that will not interrupt the flow of the meeting.

9. Display mutual respect. Your views are important and you have a right to be treated courteously by all Land Exchange Board members and staff. Land Exchange Board members and staff should also be treated courteously.

10. Special accommodations. Special accommodations, such as sign language interpreters or large print materials, can be provided with advance notice. Please let Land Exchange Board staff know if you require any special accommodations using the contact information provided above.