Moose hunting license lottery results

Moose Lottery - Applications available late March. Deadline first Friday in May.

More information

Check the moose hunting page for information about the hunt.

For all other questions, please email [email protected]

Important Notice

Beginning in 1991, the moose hunt is once in a lifetime. Licensees from 1991 to 1998 will not be eligible for future moose hunts.

A special moose license application preference lottery has been established that will allow applicants with at least 10 recorded unsuccessful applications to participate in a special selection for up to 20 percent of the available permits. It will be based on DNR records of unsuccessful applications since 1985. All party members must meet this qualification to be eligible. Prior to that time, records of unsuccessful applicants were not kept. Applicants not drawn in the separate selection will be included in the general license drawing.