Turkey permit lottery results (Spring)

Wild Turkey Lottery - Spring applications available early November.

If you have been chosen to receive a 2018 spring wild turkey permit, you will receive your official notification in the mail. You may purchase your license after March 1, 2018 at any DNR license agent, by telephone (1-888-665-4236) or on the Internet at http://licenses.dnr.state.mn.us. There is an additional convenience fee for telephone and Internet purchases.

Check whether you were drawn for a 2018 spring wild turkey license by entering either your:


9-digit MDNR #:



Driver's License #:

(You must use capital letters in your license number.)



Surplus (or undersubscribed) turkey hunt licenses may be available to hunters who applied in the 2018 turkey lottery drawing but were unsuccessful. Surplus licenses will go on sale beginning 3/05/2018, at 12:00 p.m.

On Wednesday, March 7, at 12 p.m. any remaining surplus licenses and the C-F unlimited permits will go on sale for anyone who does not already have a license, even if they did not apply for the 2018 spring turkey lottery. You can purchase surplus licenses on a first-come, first-served basis at any ELS license agent or online. Surplus licenses cannot be purchased by phone.

2018 Spring Turkey Surplus List

  • 501B=17

  • 503B=171

  • 504B=24

  • 505B=148

  • 506B=98



2018 spring turkey - Landowner permits


Turkey clinic

Before you hunt, sign up for a (non-mandatory) wild turkey hunting clinic.


Preference levels

Each year that you apply for a license and don't get drawn for one, you earn a preference point until you are drawn. If you are a first-year applicant or a previous-year winner, you are a preference level 1. The higher your preference level, the better chance of getting a license. For example, a preference level 2 has a better chance of getting a license than a preference level 1. Group preference works the same way. Some of our lottery drawings you can apply for as a group, such as this one; your group's preference is the same as the preference of the member with the lowest preference level.

More information

Check the turkey hunting page for information about the hunt.

For all other questions, please email [email protected].