Deer management plan advisory committee

Committee helps draft statewide deer plan

Minnesota DNR is using a public process to develop a statewide deer management plan that:

  • Communicates a vision for white-tailed deer management in Minnesota;
  • Outlines strategic direction through deer management values, goals, and objectives that will be used to prioritize agency resources and activities;
  • Describes DNR responsibilities and efforts related to deer management; and
  • Provides a multi-level structure for public engagement.


In addition to providing direction for deer management over the next ten years, this plan:

  • Addresses the need to more formally communicate a management framework that encourages public engagement and two-way dialogue at multiple scales, and
  • Identifies a suite of performance measures, selected to reflect the breadth of goals and deer management values, to help DNR and the public track progress in meeting deer management priorities and to promote transparency and accountability in deer management.


As a strategic plan, this document doesn't specifically address many of the operational issues that are commonly raised by members of the public (e.g., desires for specific regulatory change); rather, DNR aims to provide a framework for these conversations on an annual basis over the next ten years.

Comment now on the draft deer plan.

Roles and responsibilities

Read the committee charter to learn how this group of 20 citizens is assisting DNR as it develops and launches Minnesota's first-ever deer management plan in Spring 2018.

Committee members

Nineteen citizens serve based on their knowledge of deer management; interests related to deer; familiarity with different areas of the state; and their interest and experience working collaboratively with a diverse group of individuals.

Committee meeting summaries

Meeting materials - Dec. 13, 2017

Past meetings