Metro Greenways Data Information

Green Corridors:

Metro Cons. Corrids - Areas identified by the Metro Conservation Corridors (MeCC) program.

Proposed New MeCC - Proposed new additions to the MeCC, Spring '08. Not yet approved.

Green Infrastructure - The DNR Central Region's green infrastructure. Compliments the MeCC data. Contact Sharon Pfeifer for more information - 651-259-5790



Metro Greenways Project Proposals:

The locations of the proposed projects, both conservation and restoration.



Ecological Layers:

RSEA - 2008 - Regionally Significant Ecological Areas (RSEA) generated from the most current MLCCS data.

RSEA - 2003 - Regionally Significant Ecological Areas (RSEA) generated from hybrid land cover data; the combination of LandSat, aerial photo interpreted data.

MCBS - The Minnesota County Biological Survey native plant communities.

ECS Subsections - The subsections of the Ecological Classification System.