What is it like to be a MinnAqua Intern?

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MinnAqua Interns provide fishing and aquatic resources education to youth and families across the state.

What do our past interns say about the MinnAqua Program?

"I enjoyed my summer immensely - it is not with every internship you get paid for being outside and fishing! ... I gained so much knowledge with this internship! My teaching skills improved and I have a better understanding of how to adapt a lesson plan to the children's abilities."

"This summer I learned that in this job, as well as others like it I'm sure, a high level of organization is crucial. This job requires you to be in contact with many different people/organizations at one time..."

"My first experience with MinnAqua was in Ortonville, MN as a participant in an ice-fishing clinic hosted by the MinnAqua Liaison there. I remember talking about fish ID and making a jiggle stick to take home. Who would have guessed that 10 years later I would be a MinnAqua Intern! This summer, MinnAqua allowed me to gain valuable experience learning about outdoor education, our natural resources, and myself."

"When I was first hired for MinnAqua, I was completely ecstatic. I had a picture in my mind of a fun, laid-back summer where I would get to teach others about one of my greatest interests. When summer finally came, however, I was surprised by how different the job turned out to be. Not only was it much MORE enjoyable than I had anticipated, but it also came with a host of other responsibilities. Through the summer, I learned how to better manage children, teach lessons, organize paperwork, and anticipate challenges so that I could easily work through them."

"Summer of 2007 (with the MinnAqua Program) offered me many things: an opportunity to be outside, teach people about what I love, and learn about the relationships between students and teachers. I am extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity, and feel that I have been positively altered because of this experience."

"Over the course of the summer I definitely honed my skills regarding the improved clinch knot (after tying only several hundred or so I suppose). I can even ALMOST tie it faster than my dad now."

"This position also gave me an opportunity to grow as a person. My biggest weakness is organization and this summer really challenged me in that regard. Working independently for the most part, I had to learn fast how to keep organized or I would have sunk."

"This internship placed me in situations new to me and has expanded my area of comfort when speaking to groups. As time progressed and I received feedback from my supervisor(s), I have become an even more adept speaker."

"I think that a wonderful aspect of this internship is the ability of an intern to work with different people in many different areas of the DNR. This helped me to get a great understanding of how different aspects of the Department work together to accomplish tasks."

"I loved this internship. I feel like it met the majority of my goals that I put down during training. I learned about Minnesota fish, aquatic habitats, and fishing. I, also, feel that it met my expectation of being afforded the opportunity to work with children in an outdoor setting."