Mystery Cave: Wild Caving Tour

All tour reservations are canceled until further notice.

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Cavers crawling through a tight passage.This is the real thing - caving!

You will be issued protective and support gear, and you'll be crawling on hands and knees and squeezing through undeveloped portions of Mystery Cave.

This tour takes about four hours. We'll spend an hour to an hour and a half on instructions and gearing up, and the rest of the time you'll be underground. (2.5-3 hours underground, generally.)

This tour is not available to anyone under the age of 13. You will need to be in good physical condition.

Participants must arrive with the proper boots and gloves, and a willingness to get muddy.

Tour schedule

Wild caving tours are held Saturdays, Memorial Day to Labor Day.

All wild caving tours must be pre-arranged. Call 507-937-3251 to reserve.

Tour rates

$80 per person
Not available for anyone under 13

Maximum number of participants per tour: 5

Reservations are required for the wild caving, photography, school, and advanced educational tours. Spring and fall school tour reservations can be made by calling the main park office at 507-352-5111. Wild caving, photography, advanced education, and summer school tours can be reserved by calling Mystery Cave at 507-937-3251.