Morrison County Groundwater Atlas now available

February 27, 2020

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has published the Morrison County Groundwater Atlas. This atlas covers groundwater conditions and sensitivity to pollution. It expands on the Morrison County Geologic Atlas previously published by the Minnesota Geological Survey. 

The atlas can help identify viable water sources, evaluate water supply, identify recharge sources and flow, manage sustainability, guide decisions for well and septic system construction, research and assess pollution sensitivity, and assist in well-head protection for public water supply.

The atlas is available online and in printed form:

  • Online: Morrison County Groundwater Atlas. The webpage includes geographic information system (GIS) files and PDFs of the report and maps. The webpage includes associated metadata and an ArcMap file that displays the data as shown on the published maps. It includes hyperlinks to image files of the published cross sections. For the Geologic Atlas of Morrison County and atlases for other completed counties, consult the county atlas status list.

For more information on the program, visit the County Groundwater Atlas website at

The Minnesota Environment and Natural Resource Trust Fund and Clean Water Fund provide partial funding for this project.