DNR Fish and Wildlife Almanac

May 26, 2020

Bass fishing, a highlight of spring and early summer
Bass fishing season is open and this is a great time to cast a line for these fun-to-catch fish. Largemouth and smallmouth bass can be easier to catch in spring and early summer when they spend more time in shallow water. Later, as water temperatures rise, bass move to deeper water in search of sunken points, rocky humps and aquatic plant edges that offer protection from larger fish and hiding pla ces for prey. Learn more about how to fish for bass and other species at the DNR’s learn to fish webpage..

Beaver management simplified
During spring beavers become more active, and the Department of Natural Resources reminds landowners, renters and land managers that recent law changes have simplified beaver management in Minnesota. Removal of a beaver dam causing damage no longer requires a permit if the course, current or cross-section of the waterway is not changed. If removal of a beaver dam changes the waterway, a public waters work permit from a DNR hydrologist is still required.

Beavers causing damage on private property may be removed without a permit by landowners, renters or an authorized agent. Government entities and road authorities only need a permit to remove beavers if the removal occurs two weeks before or after the beaver trapping season or within the season if removal is done by an unlicensed trapper. Additional requirements and more information are available on the DNR website.

Anglers can share their thoughts about bluegills
Anglers can weigh in on whether to keep fewer bluegills from some Minnesota lakes as a way to protect and improve the size profile of one of the state’s most prized and frequently caught fish. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources area fisheries staff worked with local anglers and angling groups to identify lakes where bluegill size could be improved by lowering bag limits. Under this proposal, some lakes would have a bag limit of five bluegills and others a limit of 10. The statewide limit is 20 bluegills per angler. Bluegills are also known as sunfish.

The DNR has posted a list online of lakes proposed for reduced bag limits, as well as how people can provide input at mndnr.gov/sunfish.