DNR Fish and Wildlife Almanac

September 28, 2020

Cisco and whitefish sport netting to open on northern lakes
Recreational netting for cisco, also referred to as tullibee, and whitefish is open this fall on designated lakes. Whitefish and cisco sport netting is open to Minnesota residents only. About 700 Minnesotans participate each year. Netting schedules are based on expected water temperatures. As the water temperature cools, game fish head to deeper water while cisco and whitefish come to shallow water for fall spawning.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources allows netting when there is little chance that fish other than cisco and whitefish will be caught. Game fish incidentally taken in nets must be returned to the water immediately. Complete regulations, including designated lakes, netting schedules and requirements related to use of gear and invasive species, are available on the DNR website.  

Deer carcass movement restrictions in place in CWD management and control zones
Deer carcass movement restrictions are in place in chronic wasting disease (CWD) management and control zones, which are located in southeastern and north-central Minnesota and the south metro area. Whole deer carcasses cannot leave these zones until a “not detected” test result is received. If hunters do not submit their deer for sampling, which is voluntary this year, or want to transport it outside the zones before getting a test result, they must debone and quarter their deer, properly disposing of the head and spinal column inside the zones.

These restrictions are part of a comprehensive strategy to keep Minnesota’s deer, elk and moose healthy by limiting the spread of disease. No carcass movement restrictions are in place in CWD surveillance areas. Detailed information is available on the DNR website.

Learn to hunt deer classes continue until mid-October
Anyone who wants to learn how to hunt deer can register and participate in a series of online classes with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources that continues through mid-October. Classes will cover a variety of topics including deer ecology and habitat use, scouting, identifying public lands, finding hunting land, picking a spot to hunt, what to do after the shot and how to care for meat from a harvest.

Upcoming classes are Sept. 29, Oct. 1, 6, 8, 13, 15. Participants can tune in to any or all of the classes at no cost. Registration and post-event surveys are required. All classes will be archived. Details are available on the DNR learn to deer hunt page

First wolf plan virtual open house is Tuesday
Registration is open for virtual open houses that will offer opportunities for people to hear about wolves in Minnesota and share their thoughts as the Department of Natural Resources updates the state’s 20-year-old wolf management plan.

The open houses will include informational presentations from the DNR and allow real-time public input and Q&A. Each open house takes place from 6-8 p.m. and will focus on a particular geographic area.

  • Northwest region - Tuesday, Sept. 29.
  • Central and southern region, including Twin Cities metro area - Tuesday, Oct. 6.
  • Northeast region - Thursday, Oct. 8.

Attendees must register for the open houses on the DNR website and are encouraged submit questions in advance on their registration form.

Members of the public will also be able to share their thoughts about wolf management by commenting on the DNR website from Tuesday, Sept. 29, through Sunday, Nov. 1.

Later in the process, the public will have an opportunity to comment on draft updates to the state’s wolf management plan. The DNR anticipates releasing the draft plan for comment later this year.