DNR Fish and Wildlife Almanac

December 21, 2020

DNR continues chronic wasting disease response with two special hunts

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has scheduled two special hunts in parts of southeastern Minnesota in December and January aimed at limiting the spread of chronic wasting disease in wild deer.

Residents and nonresidents can participate in the hunts from Saturday, Dec. 26, through Sunday, Dec. 27, and Saturday, Jan. 2, through Sunday, Jan. 3, in deer permit area 343, the entire southeast management zone (deer permit areas 643, 645, 646, 647, 648, 649, 655) and the south metro management zone (deer permit area 605).

Hunters should plan ahead and check the special hunts webpage for

  • Complete details about the special hunts, including hunt rules.
  • Registration options.
  • CWD sampling station, quartering site and dumpster locations.
  • Carcass movement restrictions.
  • Map of the hunt area.
  • Information about the DNR’s efforts to keep Minnesota’s wild deer healthy.

Hunters can find CWD test results online

Hunters can check the Minnesota DNR website for CWD test results on the deer they’ve harvested. The site also shows statewide CWD test results, including locations of deer that tested positive, and statistics. Any additional deer harvested during current and upcoming Minnesota deer seasons that test positive for CWD will be reported on the CWD results webpage. The DNR will also directly notify any hunter who harvests a deer that tests positive. The DNR appreciates hunters’ participation in providing voluntary samples to help with disease surveillance.

Trappers have special requirements for in-person fur registration

Trappers who harvest furbearers are required by law to register their harvests in person at select Minnesota DNR offices and will need to follow COVID-19 safety protocols when doing so this season. While trappers are encouraged to schedule an appointment for registration, open registration events will also be held on Tuesday, Dec. 29, and Tuesday, Jan. 26 at the locations and during the hours indicated on pages 55 and 56 of the hunting regulations.

Trappers will be required to wear a mask during the registration process, remain in their vehicle upon arriving, and maintain a distance of 6 feet if asked to leave the vehicle. DNR staff may refuse service to members of the public who do not follow COVID-19 safety protocols. More information on requirements for fur registration is available on the DNR website.