DNR Fish and Wildlife Almanac

February 1, 2021

Participate in setting deer population goals starting Feb. 8

Minnesotans interested in deer populations can help shape deer population goals in the southwestern and northeastern areas of the state during an open public input process starting Monday, Feb. 8. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources sets deer population goals — the desired increase or decrease in a deer population in a particular deer permit area — as part of the state’s wild deer management. Find details on the DNR’s deer goal-setting webpage.

Apply for WMA turkey permits through Feb. 12

Firearms turkey hunters age 18 and older who are interested in a permit to hunt in Mille Lacs, Carlos Avery or Whitewater wildlife management areas during the A through C seasons are required to apply for a lottery. The deadline to apply for those high-demand areas is Friday, Feb. 12. Successful applicants may hunt statewide, with the exception of the other two lottery areas, in addition to their selected wildlife management area.

Beginning March 1, all spring turkey hunters can purchase a license over the counter. A spring turkey license will provide the opportunity to hunt all permit areas in the state, with the exception of the three major wildlife management areas during the A through C seasons. Turkey season will be April 14 to May 31. The firearms season for hunters 18 and older is divided into six hunt periods, A through F. Youth and archery-only license holders may hunt the entire season. More information about turkey hunting in Minnesota are available on the DNR website.