News release: DNR Fish and Wildlife Almanac

November 1, 2021

Webinar details deer season tips   
Hunters looking forward to deer season can join a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources webinar for last-minute tips, reminders, strategies, and time for question and answers, at noon on Wednesday, Nov. 3. Opening day of firearms deer season is Saturday, Nov. 6.

The webinar is part of the DNR’s Minnesota Outdoor Skills and Stewardship Series, which aims to give participants quick, relevant information on upcoming seasons and events, and skills to help enjoy these opportunities. Registration and more information are available on the DNR website.

Deer hunters invited to share wildlife observations
Minnesota deer hunters can use an online questionnaire to report wildlife they see during each hunt. Data from the observation survey will provide a helpful comparison to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ population estimates for various species.

Using a mobile device or desktop computer, hunters enter information on the DNR website about wildlife they see each day of hunting, including deer, turkeys bear, fisher and other species. They’ll also be able to report specific information about any deer they harvest, including antler size. Hunters are encouraged to fill out a report after each hunt even if they don’t see any deer that day. The questionnaire will be available until Jan. 15, 2022.

Deer harvest numbers available online
Hunters, media members and anyone interested in deer harvest data can find current deer harvest figures that are updated twice a week and harvest reports for past years on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ deer reports and statistics webpage. The webpage also features an interactive map and graph that visualizes the data.

Know the difference between white-tailed deer and elk
Individual elk sightings are beginning to be reported in a wider geographic area outside of far northwestern Minnesota. Hunters need to make sure they know the difference in the field. The DNR website has drawings and traits listed to help distinguish elk from white-tailed deer. Additionally, anyone in the public can report elk sightings using the DNR’s online elk sighting reporting tool.