News release: Fish and Wildlife Almanac

March 29, 2022

DNR webinars cover rough fish, sharp-tailed grouse

 The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources invites Minnesotans interested in fishing, wildlife and outdoor skills to tune into two upcoming webinars.

The first webinar, on fishing for rough fish, will be at noon on Wednesday, March 30. Corey Geving, founder of, will talk about why some fish are called “rough fish,” why to fish for them and how to catch them.

The second webinar, on sharp-tailed grouse, will be at noon on Wednesday, April 6. Jake Granfors, with Minnesota Pheasants Forever, will talk about the amazing behavior, biology, range and habitat needs of this species. The webinar will include information about assistance available to private landowners who wish to manage their land for the open landscapes sharp-tailed grouse require and the techniques to do so.

The webinars are part of the DNR’s Minnesota Outdoor Skills and Stewardship Series, which aims to give participants quick, relevant information on upcoming seasons and events, as well as skills to enjoy these opportunities. The webinars are free but registration is required. More information, including registration information for webinars each Wednesday through May 25, is available on the outdoor skills and stewardship page of the DNR website.

Video shows how to handle flathead catfish, other large fish

A new video by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources aims to educate anglers about how to properly handle large fish during catch-and-release.

Being properly equipped and understanding how to handle a large fish is critical to ensuring the fish’s survival after release. The video covers the proper equipment for large fish, minimizing the time the fish is out of the water, protecting the fish’s slime coating, holding the large fish horizontally and supporting the fish’s body, and how to release the fish.   

The flathead catfish fishing season begins Friday, April 1. Additionally, seasons are around the corner for other large fish like lake sturgeon, muskellunge, northern pike, steelhead and others.

The video can be found on the DNR fishing page.