News release: Herbicide applications to help reforestation efforts in the Tower area

June 23, 2022

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will begin herbicide applications on select state lands in the Tower Forestry administrative area to prepare sites for reforestation. Applications on 98 areas across three sites began June 20th and continue through approximately July 30th.

Herbicides are used to reduce vegetation that would compete with newly planted tree seedlings. This gives the tree seedlings a better chance to grow and survive.

Signs will be posted on all herbicide treatment sites. Adjacent landowners within an eight of a mile of the treatment sites will be notified.

The DNR plants trees on state lands to reforest harvested areas, provide wildlife habitat, protect watersheds, provide wood and fiber for forest products, sequester carbon and maintain healthy state forests. Part of the reforestation process involves applying herbicides where needed prior to or following tree planting. DNR foresters determine the right tree species for the site and private contractors plant the trees.

More information about how the DNR manages Minnesota’s forests can be found at