News release: DNR invites conversation about deer

August 15, 2022

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources invites the public to talk with DNR staff about deer on Thursday, Aug. 25, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. On that day, wildlife managers throughout the state will be available to discuss deer-related topics in local area offices or by phone.

“Although DNR staff are always available and happy to talk with members of the public throughout the year, we’re setting these office hours to specifically invite conversation about deer management,” said Barb Keller, the DNR’s big game program leader. “Phone lines will also be open and we’re looking forward to taking your calls.”

People who would like to participate should visit the deer open house webpage to find the list of area offices and telephone numbers for their area wildlife manager. Area managers always welcome calls from the public, so people who can’t call during the dedicated time are encouraged to do so at their convenience.

In addition to discussing general concerns about deer, individuals can talk with DNR staff about upcoming hunting season changes, identify topics that the DNR’s deer advisory committee should be aware of, and learn about other opportunities to provide thoughts and feedback regarding deer management throughout the year.

Regulations for the 2022 season are available online and in print wherever licenses are sold. The regulations reflect disease management goals, as well as feedback that was gathered from surveys, deer population goal setting and spring deer conversations.

The DNR began its deer open houses in 2018 with the release of the statewide deer management plan and has continued them as a way to encourage discussions about deer and deer management, enhance local relationships, and foster two-way communication between the DNR and the public. Deer open houses are just one way people can get involved with the deer season-setting process; other avenues include online questionnaires and the DNR’s deer population goal-setting process.