Brown's Creek State Trail Listening Station: Birds, Flowers, Frogs

Enjoy visiting a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources audio listening station, located on Brown's Creek State Trail to learn about bird songs, frog calls and nature found along the trail.



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Welcome to Brown's Creek State Trail! 

This trail was a former railroad line that stretched from White Bear Lake to the City of Stillwater.  In 2012 The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources purchased the land and spent 2 years developing plans for the trail before its completion in 2014. 

Along the 5.8 mile trail you will see Brown's Creek, a beautiful designated trout stream, and also the provider of the state trail name. The creek gives trail users a peaceful, hidden gem that has one feeling as if they are not in the metro area.  

As you use the trail, the Brown's Creek ravine offers scenic views of the St. Croix River, a historic military road bridge, local parks, golf courses and many other landscapes. 

Because of the trails history as a former railroad line, it offers a gradual grade change making it ideal for hiking, biking, skating, birding, wheel chairs, and winter activities. The trail is also a dual tread way, for horseback riders, from Duluth Junction to Loften Avenue.

Brown's Creek State trail intersects the Gateway State Trail at Duluth junction. If you are looking to extend you trip, hop on the Gateway heading south into Maplewood or North into the City of Grant. 

The Department of Natural Resources is glad you’re here and hopes you enjoy the trail!

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Bird Songs

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Listen for these birds singing along the trail.

  • Red-winged Black Bird: (recording of bird song)
  • Northern Oriole: (recording of bird song)
  • Eastern Phoebe: (recording of bird song)
  • Downy Woodpecker: (recording of bird song)
  • Eastern Towhee: (recording of bird song)

Check out the DNR calendar of events webpage for guided bird walks.

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Nature Notes

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Welcome to Nature Notes for Brown's Creek State Trail

Watch for these seasonal events.

Blooming flowers:

  • Virginia Waterleaf has a light purple flower and light spots on its leaves
  • Wild Rose has prickly stems with pink blossoms that will grow into rosehips
  • Marsh Marigold has golden blossoms and grows in wet areas.
  • Wild Raspberry has white flowers along it canes that after being pollinated will ripen into raspberries around the 4th of July.

White tail deer also use the trail corridor. Look for them in the more wooded area of the trail. You might even see a fawn. Numerous squirrels, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects call this trail corridor home. Please help them stay safe.

Be aware of poison ivy - remember leaves of 3 let it be, it could be poison ivy. By staying on the trail you should avoid this itchy plant. 

That's all for now, see you on the trail!

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Frog Songs

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Interpretive Naturalist:

Early season breeders.

  • Western Chorus Frog: (recording of frog song)
  • Spring Peeper: (recording of frog song)
  • Wood Frog: (recording of frog song)
  • Northern Leopard frog: (recording of frog song)

Mid-season breeders.

  • Gray Tree Frog: (recording of frog song)
  • Cope's Gray Tree Frog: (recording of frog song)
  • American Toad: (recording of frog song)

Late season breeders.

  • Green Frog: (recording of frog song)
  • Bull Frog: (recording of frog song)

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