RSS at the DNR

What is RSS?

From Wikipedia :

RSS is a family of XML file formats for Web syndication used by (amongst other things) news websites and weblogs. The technology of RSS allows Internet users to subscribe to websites that have provided RSS feeds; these are typically sites that change or add content regularly.

RSS allows you, the user, to subscribe to news feeds around the web. By using an RSS news tool to keep track of your different feeds you can keep current on all the news from the sites you care about without having to go to each individual site. Many RSS news readers also have forms of notification built-in so that you can be notified when your subscriptions have new items.

How are we using RSS at the DNR?

DNR news releases are available via RSS. When you go to a news release page now, you can use the RSS link embedded in the page (the orange RSS icon at the bottom of the page) to subscribe to that feed. There are also RSS feeds of various podcasts.

Subscribing to RSS feeds

In order to received RSS feeds on your computer, you must have some type of RSS reader (also called aggregators) installed (many are free). Find out more about RSS readers and find one suitable for you.

How can I find out more?

The best place to read more about RSS is at Wikipedia .

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