Parks and Trails resource management program

prescribed burn in a Minnesota state park


Did you know that only 5% of land managed by the Division of Parks and Trails is developed for recreational use? The remaining 95% is managed by the Division for the purpose of preserving an accurate representation of Minnesota’s natural and historical heritage.

The Parks and Trails Resource Management Program provides leadership and supports the Divisions efforts to protect and manage its abundant and unique natural and cultural resources. Over 300 of Minnesota’s endangered/threatened/special concern species are found at over 1,900 locations on land managed by the Division. Parks and Trails lands also contain historic resources of local, regional, and national significance, including 47 historic districts, over 600 buildings, structures and objects on the National Register of Historic Places, and over 950 archaeological and historic cemetery sites.

Resource management themes

Resource management work falls under four broad themes.  Those include:

The resource management program is celebrating its 40th Anniversary working to protect the natural and cultural resources within Minnesota State Parks and Trails!