Project Learning Tree (PLT) - Activity Guide

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Teaches Students HOW to Think, Not What to Think

PLT activities are: hands-on, appropriate for indoor and outdoor learning, designed for formal and non-formal educators of children in grades PreK-12, and interdisciplinary – integrating important environmental lessons into the sciences, mathematics, art, social studies, language arts, music, and English.

The only way to get any PLT materials is to attend a PLT workshop.

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PLT PreK-8 Activity Guide

Contains 96 interdisciplinary, hands-on activities about trees and natural resources (land, air, water). Activities give students opportunities to investigate environmental issues and encourages learners to make informed, responsible decisions. Visit the PLT national Web site to sample the PLT activity,"Environmental Exchange Box"or"MakeYour Own Paper"

The PreK-8 guide contains 96 activities covering several environmental topics . Many PLT activities highlight options for Differentiated Instructions .
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The 2006 edition of the Project Learning Tree preK-8 activity guide (orange and purple cover) contains some significant and exciting changes from earlier versions (blue cover), including: safety tips, updated background and statistics, strengthened assessments, improved graphics and photos, and two new activities, "Invasive Species" and "The Global Climate". See the outline of specific changes made to activities in the 2006 edition. PLT activities are correlated to Minnesota academic standards in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Supplementary Resources to the 2006 edition include:

If you already have the PLT PreK-8 Activity Guide (either version), you can use these supplemental pages with PLT activities:

Activity #Activity NameSupplemental Page


Renewable or Not

Renewable or Not chart


Adopt a Tree

Adopt a Tree journal


The Fallen Log

Fallen Log Student worksheet


Birds and Worms

Birds and Worms chart


Web of Life

Web of Life pictures


Tree Factory

Tree Factory cards


How Big is Your Tree?

How to Make Your Own Diameter Tape
How to Use a Diameter Tape
How to Use a Clinometer
Proportional Method For Measuring Trees


Name That TreeTree Snapshots


Tree Cookies

Tree Cookie copy sheet
Tree Cookies - How to Make Your Own


"Do you write in the margins of your PLT guide"? Dr. John Guyton, a Wildlife and Fisheries associate professor of Extension at Mississippi State University does and he has created a fun, quirky booklet titled Marginalia. This booklet is sure to enhance your PLT lessons.

PLT Secondary Modules

image of secondary bookPLT has six Secondary Modules designed for middle- and high-school educators that offer in-depth activities focused on specific topics:

Three additional Secondary resources are available:

cover of PLT early childhood supplement

Minnesota PLT Early Childhood Supplement

Developed by and for early childhood educators in Minnesota, this supplemental guide contains 11 indoor and outdoor activities designed for learners ages 3-4 and 5-6. Each activity includes: a main activity, music/movement, art, books, cognitive activity, reflection questions, and snack. Activities are modeled on the principles of free choice, hands-on learning, and open-ended activities. The guide is to be used with the PLT PreK-8 Activity Guide.

This early childhood guide was developed using the tenets of early childhood education as outlined in the Natural Wonders: Guide to Early Childhood for Environmental Educators.

Check the workshop calendar to find an available early childhood workshop.

The only way to get any PLT curriculum materials is to attend a PLT workshop. For more information, visit the PLT national Web site.