Water Ways: Minnesota Project WET activity adaptations

At the end of each Water Ways chapter, you’ll find a list of suggested Project WET Activities that go well with the subjects included in that chapter. Each list also includes an * next to activities that we’ve “Minnesotanized” by providing online local resources to help you make them more locally relevant to your Minnesota students. Choose any of these activities listed below to download copies of the supporting resources.

Project WET Activity

Adaptation Materials for Minnesota Classrooms

Branching Out

Maps of major Minnesota watersheds

Color Me a Watershed

Aerial photos of Minnesota major watersheds over time

Dilemma Derby

Minnesota case studies of historical water issues

A Grave Mistake

Case studies of Minnesota groundwater contamination

Great Water Journeys

Minnesota water journey cards


Water cycle script modified for Minnesota geography

Macroinvertebrate Mayhem

Example macroinvertebrate species data for Minnesota’s three main watersheds

Old Water

Timeline history of Minnesota’s water

The Incredible Journey

Water cycle dice for the three major Minnesota watersheds with local place names

Water Address

Activity cards and pictures of Minnesota species

Water Crossings

Minnesota historic water crossings stories, maps

Water Match

Game cards with pictures of Minnesota water in different states

Wet Work Shuffle

Career profiles from professionals around Minnesota