Steps for establishing native grasses

Site Preparation

Step 1. Mowing (if needed)
Step 2. Herbicide Treatment (i.e. Roundup, Scythe or Silhouette Dr) as needed
Step 3. Roto-Till Site (7 days after herbicide treatment)*
Step 4. Pack/Tamp Seed Bed.

*Delete this step if using interseeder type of drill


Step 1. Broadcast seed by hand or with a spreader, or drill in seed
Step 2. Hand Rake/Harrow Seeded Area if drill is not used
Step 3. Pack/Tamp Seeded Area

First-Year Management

Step 1. Provide equivalent of 1-inch of water within 7-14 days after seeding if natural rainfall does not occur within this time period. (For areas less than 1 acre and erosion sensitive sites)
Step 2. Mow "high" (6"-10") every 6-8 weeks until fall

Second-Year Management

Step 1. Burn site during April or early May
Step 2. Clip site if necessary for weed control (no shorter than 12 inches)

Third-Year Management

Step 1. Burn site during April or early May, end of October or November

Estimated cost for a small native prairie plot using seed purchased from a nursery and volunteer labor: $40-$80 per 1000 sq. ft.

Estimated cost for seeding a diverse mix of native prairie grasses and wildflowers using (30 species) seed purchased from a nursery and contracted labor and equipment: $250-$350/acre.