School Board Resolution - School Forest

To become a School Forest, your application must include a copy of the School Board Resolution designating the site as a School Forest. Writing and submitting a proposal to the School Board is an important and necessary step. Make sure you contact the School Forest Staff before submitting your proposal. If done incorrectly, your application may be denied. Sample resolution

image: School Board meeting

Remember, before you request a school board resolution, the property must be owned by the school district, or a management or joint powers agreement should be in place with the land owner. Make sure you have completed the Land requirements.

If your school is a charter or private school, submit a resolution from your governing body (parish council, board of directors, etc.) with the application.

To help your presentation be efficient and successful, keep the following items in mind.

  • Consider the benefits and potential risks involved with the School Forest before you meet with the board so you can anticipate their questions and be prepared with well thought out answers.
  • Have visible support with you. Ask your school administers, teachers, students, parents, or committee members to attend the meeting
  • If the land is not school owned, a land partnership between the school and landowner must be created. Bring a copy of the fully executed Management or Joint Powers Agreement.
  • Present a map so school board members understand where the property is and who the neighbors are.
  • Take photographs so school board members can become familiar with the site and questions can be answered more succinctly.
  • Prepare to attend more than one meeting. The proposal may be tabled if all questions cannot be answered or if additional time is needed for the School Board to render its decision. Don't be discouraged if this is the case.
  • Consult School Forest Staff for support and information.
  • Prepare a draft resolution before the meeting so school board members are not scrambling to find the proper wording.