Program Information: Land Options

image of School Forest Land Options

To find out more about any of the options below, contact the School Forest Staff.

Purchased or School Owned

  • Land can be purchased by the school district for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a School Forest. Existing land owned by the school district can be designated a School Forest.

Tax-Forfeited Land

  • The School Forest Statute (Minn. Statute, Section 89.41) allows tax-forfeited land to be deeded to a school district or educational institution. This process involves working with county government, since county offices administer most tax-forfeited land in Minnesota.

Land Partnership

  • Schools can enter into partnership with a city, corporation, or private landowner to gain access to land. The most common partnerships are with city entities to use community parks as School Forests.
  • When entering into a partnership, either a Joint Powers Agreement (with government entities) or a Management Agreement (with private landowner) is needed. Contact the School Forest Staff, to ensure a proper agreement is created.

School Forest logoDonation

  • While land donation to a school is rare, it does happen. A private individual, business, or organization can donate a parcel of land to a school.