A Guide for Buying and Managing Shoreland

Section 12: The Importance of Wetlands

Also see the wetlands resource page.

Why are wetlands an important part of the shoreland which merit preservation?

Wetlands act as biological and mechanical filters which prevent pollutants from entering lakes, rivers, and groundwater. They provide important habitat for birds, animals, and plants. Wetlands are also important in controlling stormwater. Their flexible storage capacity allows flood waters to be released slowly, reducing flood damage. Federal, state, and local restrictions help control the destruction of wetlands. These include the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 404 Permit Program, the DNR Waters Work Permit Program, and the Wetland Conservation Act, where the Local Government Unit controls draining and filling of wetlands not subject to the DNR Waters Permit Program. It is especially important that people who own or control wetlands understand their value, preserve them, and use good management practices to protect them.