InDesign Accessibility - CS6

In InDesign

  1. All text must have a Paragraph Style assigned to it. Tag all your text at once using Paragraph
    Styles/Edit All Export Tags.
  2. Tag all your design elements: boxes, lines, page numbers as an artifact (anything you don’t want read) by using Object/Object Export Options/Tagged PDF/Apply Tag: Artifact.
  3. Add alternate text to photos, logos, art, and figures: Object/Object Export Options/Alt Text/ Custom (enter your text). Under the Tagged PDF button, select Based on Object and Custom in the pull-down menus, enter the text in that field also. Maps should still have a description. If it is a complicated map that conveys a great deal of information and can't easily be described in detail it should still have a short alternate text like “Map of Route”.
  4. Anchor Images (optional and it doesn’t work with text wrap).
  5. Use Articles to set reading order: Windows/Articles, Command Click the “+” button. Click
  6. If your document has a table of contents, create it by going to Layout/Table of Contents and select paragraph style of your chapter heads to be the TOC and InDesign will generate your TOC. It will automatically become the navigational bookmarks in the PDF.
  7. Enter metadata.
  8. Export Interactive PDF: no spreads, no Acrobat layers, use JPG (lossy), Medium 100.
  9. If elements are decorative text, tag as an Artifact.

In Acrobat

Before doing anything, turn on Tools, Touch up Reading Order and scroll through the entire PDF to check if you forgot anything that needed to be done in InDesign. You should also run a Full Check/Tools/Accessibility to tell you what you didn’t see. (If it passes the full check you still have to do the steps below.)

  1. Go to File/Properties. Select Language (Advanced button). Delete fluke space before semi- colon (Description button). Select Show: document title (Initial View button). Save.
  2. Touch up Reading Order: Tools/Accessibility/Show Order Panel and adjust reading order. If something disappears when you move it, Revert. It will still pass full check but be read in the wrong order.
  3. Save. Run Full Check: Tools/Accessibility.