Group Camp Locations and Rates

Please note - Modern restroom and shower facilities are NOT provided. However, vault toilets and drinking water are available.

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LocationSite NameCapacityPriceMiles from the Twin Cities
Afton State ParkGC140$5030
Afton State ParkGC240$5030
Bear Head Lake State ParkGC150$75245
Beaver Creek Valley State ParkGC150$50147
Big Stone Lake State ParkGc120$50190
Blue Mounds State ParkGC175$50210
Buffalo River State ParkGC140$50240
Camden State ParkGC150$75160
Carley State ParkGC120$5090
Carley State ParkGC215$5090
Cascade River State ParkGC120$50265
Cascade River State ParkGC220$50265
Charles A. Lindbergh State ParkGC130$50110
Crow Wing State ParkGC175$50125
Cuyuna Country SRAGC125$50140
Father Hennepin State ParkGC115$5090
Father Hennepin State ParkGC220$5090
Father Hennepin State ParkGC325$5090
Father Hennepin State ParkGC412$5090
Father Hennepin State ParkGC515$5090
Father Hennepin State ParkGC625$5090
Forestville/Mystery Cave State ParkRiverview50$75120
Forestville/Mystery Cave State ParkSumac Hill50$50120
Fort Ridgely State ParkGC130$5095
Fort Snelling State ParkUrban Wilderness Youth Camp*26-75$2500
Fort Snelling State ParkUrban Wilderness Youth Camp*25$1500
Frontenac State ParkGC135$7565
Glacial Lakes State ParkSoutheast50$125140
Glacial Lakes State ParkSoutheast50$150140
Glendalough State ParkGC140$75190
Gooseberry Falls State ParkBR50$75200
Gooseberry Falls State ParkNG50$75200
Gooseberry Falls State ParkPC50$75200
Interstate State ParkGC125$5050
Interstate State ParkGC225$5050
Interstate State ParkGC325$5050
Interstate State ParkGC425$5050
Itasca State ParkELKGRP50$100225
Jay Cooke State ParkGC125$75135
Jay Cooke State ParkGc225$75135
Lac qui Parle State ParkGC150$50140
Lac qui Parle State ParkGC250$50140
Lake Bemidji State ParkBass30$50230
Lake Bemidji State ParkLavinia50$250230
Lake Bronson State ParkGC1200$75365
Lake Carlos State ParkLakeview50$100150
Lake Carlos State ParkPioneer35$75150
Lake Louise State ParkRed Oak30$50120
Lake Louise State ParkRiverview30$75120
Lake Maria State ParkGC150$5050
Lake Maria State ParkGC250$5050
Lake Shetek State ParkWILD0130$50180
Lake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State ParkMaang $250 
Lake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State ParkMooz $150 
Lake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State ParkOjiig $300 
Maplewood State ParkGC130$75215
McCarthy Beach State ParkGC140$75220
Mille Lacs Kathio State ParkGC115$5095
Mille Lacs Kathio State ParkGC245$7595
Minneopa State ParkGC115$5085
Minneopa State ParkGC215$5085
Minneopa State ParkGc315$5085
Minneopa State ParkGC415$5085
Moose Lake State ParkGC145$75110
Myre - Big Island State ParkGC150$50100
Nerstrand Big Woods State ParkA124$5040
Nerstrand Big Woods State ParkB116$5040
Nerstrand Big Woods State ParkC132$5040
Old Mill State ParkGC1150$50335
Red River SRAGC140$50320
Rice Lake State ParkGC160$5065
Sakatah Lake State ParkLower50$5065
Sakatah Lake State ParkUpper50$7565
Savanna Portage State ParkGC130$50140
Scenic State ParkGC160$75220
Schoolcraft State ParkGC150$50190
Sibley State ParkP130$50110
Sibley State ParkP250$75110
Sibley State ParkP320$50110
Split Rock Creek State ParkGC175$50210
St. Croix State ParkGC125$50100
St. Croix State ParkGc225$50100
St. Croix State ParkGC325$50100
St. Croix State ParkGC425$50100
St. Croix State ParkGC525$50100
St. Croix State ParkGC625$50100
St. Croix State ParkGC725$50100
St. Croix State ParkGC825$50100
Tettegouche State ParkGS135$75215
Tettegouche State ParkGS235$75215
Whitewater State ParkGC140$250 
Whitewater State ParkGC250$150 
Whitewater State ParkGC325$100 
Wild River State ParkGC118$5050
Wild River State ParkGC218$5050
Wild River State ParkGC3-NR18$5050
Wild River State ParkGC418$5050
Wild River State ParkGC518$5050
Wild River State ParkGC618$5050
Wild River State ParkGC718$5050
Wild River State ParkGC818$5050
Wild River State ParkGC918$5050
Wild River State ParkGC1018$5050
William O'Brien State ParkRiverside50$7535
William O'Brien State ParkWedge Hill 135$5035
William O'Brien State ParkWedge Hill 235$5035
William O'Brien State ParkWedge Hill 335$5035
Zippel Bay State ParkGC145$50355

* The Urban Wilderness Youth Camp at Fort Snelling State Park is only available to youth organizations up to 18 years of age. Maximum capacity is 75, including youth and adult supervisors. Adult supervision is required; there must be one adult for every ten youth.

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