A young citizen scientist.

What's a BioBlitz, besides being a lot of fun?

A BioBlitz is when schoolkids, scientists and the general public team up for a day of fieldwork. Together, they count, map and study a park's diverse organisms, ranging from microscopic bacteria to moose.

The program adds to a park's official species lists, and helps highlight the importance of local and regional biodiversity.

Past BioBlitz survey results


•   Butterflies and ladybugs
•   Fungi
•   Spiders
•   Worms



No BioBlitz



•   Birds
•   Butterflies
•   Earthworms
•   Fungi
•   Plant list
•   Preliminary total results

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More information

For more information about BioBlitz, or to learn more about possible future BioBlitz activities at these parks, please email James Pointer: [email protected].